The Cryptic Cat

The Cryptic Cat

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Cracking the Code

TO the untrained eye, Cryptic Crosswords are mysterious yet captivating in their apparent indecipherability.

But those in the know, know that cryptics are devised from an armoury of tricky devices, which once understood, allow the solver to make sense of the seemingly nonsensical.

It's a matter of unlocking the codes of this popular crossword form that is designed to bamboozle, frustrate and deceive you. 

Cruciverbalist, (crossword compiler) Fin J Ross, invites you to share her passion for solving cryptic crosswords.

In the process, you will expand your vocabulary, give your grey matter a thorough working over and revel in those Eureka moments when you crack a tricky clue.

Crash Courses in Cryptic Crosswords

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming cryptic crosswords classes, 

and one-day crash courses around Victoria.

CURRENT CLASS.  Bairnsdale U3A      

                                  Dalmahoy Street, Bairnsdale

                                  Mondays 1 to 3pm.